401(k) | Hummel Group

Using industry knowledge and experience, our advisors are able to help find the best fit for your company.

Hummel Group advisors will help you to streamline the 401k and payroll process by finding ways to bring more value with less effort from your human resource team. We will educate employees on the advantages of saving money and making long term plans, explaining not just how their benefits work, but the true value behind what is being offered.

Some of the FIDUCIARY SERVICES we offer as your advisor to help you mitigate risks related to plan management include:

  • Providing Diversified Investment Recommendations
  • Assisting with Investment Policy Statement Preparation and Review
  • Monitoring of Investment Performance
  • Investment Option Changes
  • Recommending Default Investment Alternatives
  • Benchmarking, Plan Due Diligence, and Reporting
  • Plan Fee Identification
  • Plan Search Support/Vendor Analysis

Not only will Hummel Group be a SERVICE PROVIDER LIAISON for you but we will also provide additional NON-FIDUCIARY SERVICES which include assistance with:

  • Plan Design
  • Plan Changes
  • Delivering Performance Reports
  • Participant Education and Communication
  • Enrollment for Participants
  • Plan Transitions