Anthem Announces Special Open Enrollment

Anthem announced they will allow a special open enrollment beginning March 24 through Friday, April 3.

Effective immediately, Anthem will extend an opportunity to enroll in your health insurance plan to any eligible employee previously waiving health insurance coverage.  This coverage will be effective April 1, 2020.  The special enrollment also applies to any eligible dependents.  The special enrollment does not waive the regular waiting period for new hires nor does it reduce the minimum hours worked requirement. 

We suggest informing your workforce of this opportunity for coverage.  You may email enrollment forms to your regular contact here at Hummel and we will process these with Anthem asap.

We have had a number of questions about continuing health insurance coverage for laid off employees.  Anthem will allow employers to continue coverage for laid off employees until May 31 (see section 6 FAQ).  You can continue collecting the employee’s share of the cost during this continuation. View the complete Anthem FAQ for your reference here.