Hummel Group advisors have over 90 years of combined experience in the group health insurance market. The size of your business does not matter, Hummel Group works with businesses that have anywhere from 5 to 500 employees. We are committed to being available as a single point of contact to address any and all questions—giving the attention you need, but might not expect from an insurance company.


Hummel Group strives to deliver ideas and innovation to our valued clients. As part of this effort we use FormFire, an insurance carrier-accepted, ACA & HIPPA compliant, online benefits application service designed to take the work and frustration out of dealing with the benefits insurance industry.  FormFire's unique online system not only allows people to spend less time submitting details, but the intuitive technology creates a customized process just for them, only requiring information relevant to their own personal needs.

FormFire reduces the amount of effort, time, cost, and paperwork that small group organizations and individuals have to go through in applying for confirmed carrier community or self-funded rates, getting service and enrollment applications done, and managing both individual changes and group renewals.

The FormFire system brings safe and reusable storage for the employee's personal information, year after year.  The system also helps employers evaluate their position within the Affordable Care Act and meet HIPPA regulations.  Best of all, by using FormFire you the employer are free to shop, buy and enroll in plans with minimal effort.

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