Churches & Non-Profits

Helping you manage risk so you can focus on your ministry.

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Common Exposures:

  • Event Liability and Resources
  • Facility Usage
  • Church Safety and Security
  • Volunteer Safety
  • Freedom of Religion

We specialize in insurance for churches, schools, camps, nonprofit organizations and commercial businesses. Based in Ohio, we also insure organizations in Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, South Carolina and more. Our goal is to serve your organization through customized programs, risk management, training, and claim prevention techniques.


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Did you know?

Many non-profits don't realize that workers compensation insurance is legally required in most states for any an all entities that hire employees.  Furthermore, non-profits need general liability insurance and directors and officers liability insurance to protect their board.  Let someone who takes the time to understand what you do, and what your exposures are, handle your insurance needs.  Give us a  call today!