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Are you insuring your home properly?

Since your home is one of your largest assets, it is important to obtain adequate coverage and insure against risks unique to your situation.

We provide options.

We will work hard to keep your financial future intact while also bringing you the most competitive rates possible from our variety of carriers.
Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Liability

What is an Umbrella Policy and do I need one?

A personalized, comprehensive package can keep your home protected and provide you with peace of mind in the event of a loss.

Homeowners insurance will cover your home, garage, and personal possessions, but the extent of perils covered depends on the type of policy you select. We tailor your home insurance policy to meet your specific needs such as Earthquake, ID theft, Water back up, and more. Perils and coverages such as these can vary greatly from policy to policy, that’s why the lowest price is not always the best choice with homeowners insurance.

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I have a wood stove, will that be a problem?

A wood stove is a factor that could affect the overall cost of your plan, but the energy savings from this heat source might be enough of a benefit to outweigh this added cost. The most important aspect of a wood stove is proper maintenance and installation for ensured safety.

My children are at college, are they still covered?

Full time college students under the age of 24, and still a part of your household, will receive some forms of coverage in a dorm. Typically 10 percent of their limits.

What about Earthquakes?

Earthquake damage can be added but is excluded from standard homeowner’s policies.

Should I include jewelry on my homeowners policy?

Your jewelry is covered in the event of a fire, but mysterious disappearance or theft has limits. Scheduling your jewelry will expand these limits.  Often times a jeweler might provide coverage, we are always happy to help you compare these options to get the best rates.

What about my car?

In the event of a house fire that damages your vehicle, your homeowners insurance will not replace your car. This will come from your auto insurance.

What about water damage?

Many insurance policies exclude water damage from water that backs up through plumbing, such as a failed sump pump. Floods and water seeping through a  foundation are often not covered as well. Discussing the particulars of your home with our agents is the best way to get added coverage to make sure events such as these are protected.  Flood insurance in particular is a separate policy provided by a government program and distributed through insurance carriers.  Flood damage is the most costly home claim on average.  25% of flood losses occur in low risk flood zones.

Are deductibles required?

Yes. Homeowners forms usually have a deductible of $1,000.00. For wind and hail damages there can be other options such as $2,000.00 or $2,500..00 and some companies will make the deductible a percentage of your coverage such as 1% or 2%.

Replacement cost vs. market value

Using the market value of your home to insure against damages can be financially devastating. Your replacement cost needs to be enough to rebuild your home, while also including expenses such as debris removal and site prep.

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