Impact of the CARES Act, Telemedicine, and FFCRA During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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We know you have a lot of questions regarding how the coronavirus pandemic will affect your business.  This webinar can help clarify a few things for you:


  • Provide an overview of the CARES Act and its impact on group health insurance plans.

  • Discuss the mechanics and importance of Telemedicine during the shelter-in-place order.

  • Review other relevant emerging healthcare topics.


On Wednesday, April 8th, 2020, Hummel Group Benefits Advisors, Andy Yost (Orrville office), Tom Gregory (Orrville office), and Brian Thompson discussed the CARES Act, Telemedicine, and other relevant healthcare topics that may affect your business.  They also took time to briefly review part one of the webinar series, which included the Ohio Department of Insurance bulletin 2020-03 and the FFCRA.  They took time to answer questions received after the first webinar.

Did you see part one of this webinar series?