Life Insurance


When you pass away, who will pay your mortgage?  Who will pay for your children’s college tuition?  Will your family have to downsize due to financial stresses?  A life insurance policy can help mitigate these concerns.  Review your policies regularly to make sure they are still meeting you and your families needs.  Life insurance isn’t about you, it’s about those that depend on you.

Life insurance is also used in business.  Imagine one of your most successful sales employee passes away.  How will you replace them?  How will you replace the income they generate?  A life insurance policy on your key employees can help ensure that their passing will not cause a financial hardship for your business.  Life policies can also help fund a critical buy/sell arrangement for a busines owner who is looking to retire and start exit planning.

If you have people in your life that depend on you, including family, business partners and employees, then life insurance should be part of your Risk Management plan.

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