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Since 1957, Hummel Group has specialized in designing and securing risk management and insurance programs for the lumber and logging industry. The current insurance market for lumber and logging is constantly changing and coverages are narrowing despite increased premiums. Hummel’s experience and relationships in the business means that we provide much needed coverage at the most competitive pricing available.

Many insurance companies do not have a working knowledge of lumber and logging operations even though they offer to insure them. This problem means restrictive coverages and confusing exclusions in the event of a claim. At Hummel Group, we have worked hard to attain special knowledge of this industry so that we can work closely with carriers and provide the most comprehensive and competitive programs available in the market.

Hummel specialists know a circle mill from a band mill, a Hood from a Prentice, a cable from a grapple, and a pine from an oak. We are lumber and logging specialists just like you; and we’re the only insurance agency who employs a Certified Master Logger. You can trust us to get the coverage your lumber and logging business needs.

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Log Truck Operators

Sawmills & Pallet Shops

Wood Product Manufacturing

Portable Band Mills

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