Westfield Insurance Announces Latest List of Top Performing Independent Agencies

Westfield Insurance Announces Latest List of Top Performing Independent Agencies photo

Trilogy and Horizon Program Represent Westfield's Top Performing Agents

WESTFIELD CENTER, Ohio, May 11, 2015 - Westfield Insurance, a super-regional, customer-focused insurance carrier represented by approximately 1,000 independent agencies, announced its latest group of agencies qualifying for their Trilogy and Horizon programs.

In identifying Trilogy and Horizon agencies, Westfield measured the strength of an agency's partnership with Westfield, their focus on growing business, how they have effectively positioned their agency for future success, their approach to customer service and how they have strategically aligned with the entire Westfield organization.  As a group, Westfield's Trilogy and Horizon agencies have outperformed with double digit growth and above average profitability.

Trilogy Agencies are partners with a commitment for long-term success.  These agencies were identified as "the best of the best;" and honor reserved for a select group of agency partners.  This group represents approximately 7% of Westfield's overall agency total.

Westfield's Horizon agencies were identified as a group of the company's top performers, quickly approaching its top 10 percent, and recognized as being committed to growing with Westfield for the long term.  This group represents approximately 8% of Westfield's overall agency total.

"The creation of the Trilogy and Horizon Program is part of our ongoing Agency Distribution strategy to objectively evaluate agencies and develop a group of top agencies with expectations for above average growth," said Craig Welsh, group distribution leader, Westfield Insurance.  "Perhaps the most important benefit to gaining Trilogy/Horizon status is that these agencies gain access to an individual Agency Coordinator who assists in aligning plans and activities across the entire Westfield organization.  Westfield believes we have the best agency force of any carrier and to be in the top 15% is a significant accomplishment given the superior quality of our agency force."

Hummel Group is very grateful to be selected as a top performing Trilogy agency.

Learn more about Hummel Group at www.hummelgrp.com/about-us/who-we-are

Learn more about Westfield Group at www.WestfieldInsurance.com.

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