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What Type of Insurance Does Your Construction Company Need (and Why)?

If you have a construction company you may be wondering what kind of insurance is best for you. Accidents do happen on construction sites and your worse nightmare is probably to have something go wrong and being held liable.

Being held liable would be hard enough but not having the right coverage could send your company into bankruptcy. Here is a look at the type of insurance you need to cover yourself from any liability.

Management Liability: Why Your Business Needs Directors and Officers Insurance

There is an increased number of exposures that a company's officers and directors have to face when it comes to the recent need for accountability and transparency on a corporate level.

No matter the mission of your company or how large your organization is, there is a chance that legal costs that are associated with a lawsuit could be potentially crippling both your company, as well as your officers and your directors.

Transportation Risk Specialists - What Are They?

You may notice that some insurance agents have the letters “TRS” next to their name. TRS stands from Transportation Risk Specialist. The designation indicates that agents have gone through specialized training, evaluation, and work experience to develop specific expertise when it comes to understanding and serving the needs of the trucking & transportation industry.

Tis the Season for an Insurance Review

As another year comes to an end, it’s good to take stock of changes in your life or lifestyle that will affect your insurance protection in the New Year to come. The end of the year is a good time to conduct an insurance review to see if your policies still reflect the coverage you need or want. If changes are in order, it’s best to make them now so you can face the New Year with confidence knowing you’re fully protected against any eventuality. 

What Insurance Should Businesses Carry for Black Friday?

While the average insurance provider doesn’t offer a specific Black Friday insurance plan, there are certain types of insurance protection that are wise for all business owners to invest in prior to Black Friday sales. For those who are new to the wonderful world of retail on this busy shopping day each year, there is one rule of thumb to remember – the parking lot may be a jungle, but inside the store is a zoo on Black Friday.

Orphan Well Program and Requirements for Becoming an Approved Bidder

What is an Orphan Well?

Orphan wells are old and abandoned oil and natural gas wells where no owner or responsible party can be found. These wells may be a hazard to the environment and your health and safety and they must be plugged.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is planning to plug approximately 175 wells this coming year.