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Property and casualty

Are You Prepared for a House Fire?

No one anticipates having to use their home insurance policy for a partial or total fire loss, but it happens every day across Ohio.  According to the Red Cross, you may have as little as two minutes to escape a fire that starts in your home.  A working smoke alarm that provides an early warning and a well-practiced fire escape plan can help save lives.  So what things should you be doing to make sure you are prepared?



Ride-sharing has been popular for several years, but is just now moving into smaller towns and communities.  More and more are beginning to ask what is ride-sharing?  Do I have coverage if I decide to become a TNC driver?  What are the coverage gaps?

What to know before you shop for a car

​What "options" are you legally required to buy?

Confused about what is and isn't required when buying or leasing a vehicle?  Ohio law

 requires drivers to meet financial responsibility requirements, which can be done by purchasing liability insurance.  In addition, when leasing or financing a vehicle, those contracts require you to have physical damage insurance coverage.

Beyond that, here are answers to common questions asked about dealer options.*