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So how should you protect it?
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Our insurance program is designed specifically for the mobile food industry.

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Who doesn’t love that time of year where we get together with family and friends at our State, County and Street Fairs? You have a unique business; a mobile restaurant and trucking fleet that seems to work 23 hours a day. Pulling trailers by moonlight, ordering inventory early and serving customers the rest of the time. It’s how you provide for your family. It’s a great business. So how should you protect it? That’s the question we asked and the Concessionaire Program was the result.

We offer a property, fleet, liability and workers compensation insurance program designed specifically for the mobile food industry.

Teaming up with concessionaires to understand the unique nature of this seasonal and nomadic business, allowed us to develop what we believe to be the industries most comprehensive insurance program. Continually looking for additional ways to add value to our clients through product knowledge, new coverage offerings and additional services makes us not only your insurance agent but also a business partner.


Where does my midway coverage go?

All 50 States, US Territories and Canada.

If my trailer were totalled what would I get?

That depends on a variety of factors that includes how the trailer is insured.  Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Coverage are the options and we can help you determine what is available and which option makes the most sense for your business.

Insurance tries to pay the least amount if I have claim, isn’t that true?

I apologize if you have had a bad claim experience or know someone who has.  In insurance, there is no one size fits all policy, so it’s important to understand what options you have and how coverage will respond in the event of a loss.  No insurance policy covers everything, so the focus should be what are your biggest exposures and how can the policy work for your business in the event of a loss - especially a catastrophic loss.

What should I consider when evaluating insurance coverage?

That’s a great question.  Many factors should be considered and each business is unique.  Here are a few items that will get you started:

  1. What do you own and use in your business?
  2. What liabilities do you have and what should you insure against?
  3. What is required by State or Federal law?
  4. What is your insurance budget?
  5. What would hurt your business and what would put you out of business?

Insurance is a mystery to me, how do I navigate my options?

We tend not to like what we can’t control or don’t fully understand.  Insurance for most people is in the “don’t like” or “hate” category, in my opinion, because of the above reasons.  I would recommend finding an agent who understands your industry and can explain coverage in an understandable way.  You decide how to insure your business and you can’t make good decisions without good information.  Take the time to get good information and build a policy that is appropriate for your individual business.

Certificates of Insurance?

  • No additional charge for sending them out
  • We keep them on file and send them out automatically
  • Call us with new events or “lost certificates” and we’ll get them out as quick as we can
  • Designated person to process your certificate requests
  • Blanket additional insured included when required by written contract

What information do I need to get the process started?

I look forward to the opportunity to gather the details of your business and prepare a proposal.  The best way to get started is to review the details of your business over the phone or in person.  Information I will need to prepare a proposal:

  1. General Business Information
    • Federal Tax ID Number(s) and Official Business Name(s)
    • Details of Operations
    • DOT Number
  2. Vehicle and Regular Driver Schedule
    • Year – Make – Model – Vehicle Identification Number – Cost New or Value
      • Trucks, Support Trailers, Concession Trailers, Bunkhouses/RVs
    • Name – Date of Birth – Driver’s License Number
  3. Equipment Schedule
    • Year – Make – Model – Serial or VIN
      • Golf Cart, Generators, Tents, Stands, Inventory & Misc. Equipment
  4. Workers Compensation
    • States - Payroll
  5. 30+ Minutes of your time to fill in additional detail
    • Review Specialty Coverages
    • Underwriting Information
    • Review of Current Program

I look forward to the opportunity to gather the details of your business and prepare a proposal.  Probably the best way to get started is to review the items that we need over the phone.  Much of the information I will need will be listed in your current policies, though I do not rely on this information to develop your program of insurance it allows me to provide a thorough comparison if I can at some point review them.

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