Who doesn’t love that time of year where we get together with family and friends at our State, County and Street Fairs? You have a unique business; a mobile restaurant and trucking fleet that seems to work 23 hours a day. Pulling trailers by moonlight, ordering inventory early and serving customers the rest of the time. It’s how you provide for your family. It’s a great business. So how should you protect it? That’s the question we asked and the Concessionaire Program was the result.

We offer a property, fleet, liability and workers compensation insurance program designed specifically for the mobile food industry. 

Teaming up with concessionaires to understand the unique nature of this seasonal and nomadic business, allowed us to develop what we believe to be the industries most comprehensive insurance program.  Continually looking for additional ways to add value to our clients through product knowledge, new coverage offerings and additional services makes us not only your insurance agent but also a business partner.

We are focused on concessionaires.

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*Phil Teague
Concessionaire Program Developer
P: 330.335.2521







*Phil Teague is not affiliated with The O.N. Equity Sales Company or O.N. Investment Management Company.


  • "One of the cool things that Phil Teague did was, he came out and actually worked in our business."

    Ryan Kuzma, Linn Enterprises Inc.
  • "When I first sat down with Phil, he brought up questions that I never considered before and he had coverage that I didn't know I needed.  It was reasonably priced and better coverage."

    Amy Redmond, Redmond Concessions
  • "After talking with Phil, there are a lot of details that you needed to know and he explained everything, what was good, what was bad, what was covered, what wasn't."

    Scott Kowatch, Mr. K's Concessions
  • "Just wanted to say how Nice!! it is that SOMEONE Answers the phone and how accommodating everyone is to deal with.  Always a pleasure calling the Hummel Group!! "

    Jon Class, San-Jon Enterprises



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