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Let us help you get the right coverage in place.

With thousands of uninsured or underinsured drivers out there, getting the best coverage possible is the best way to protect yourself.

At Hummel Group, our minimum liability is 10 times the state minimum level. We believe that this added support is crucial to keeping your assets safe, and our status as an independent agent means we can shop around for you to keep you protected while also offering you competitive pricing.

Hummel Group’s staff is here to support you in making the right decisions regarding your insurance coverages.

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Should you buy the rental car damage waiver? Do I have coverage if I drive for Uber? What is umbrella liability coverage and should you have it? How do I prevent frozen pipes? Find the answers to these questions and more on the Hummel Group blog!

If I rent a car, do I need to purchase the rental coverage from the rental car company?

To be safe, yes you should purchase their offered insurance. Your personal auto policy will offer some coverage, but there could be gaps due to the contract requirements of the large rental car companies.  Speak with a Hummel agent to discuss the pro’s and con’s before you travel.

For more information, check out this blog post - Top 10 Reasons to Purchase the Rental Car Damage Waiver.

Do I have enough liability coverage?

People often ask, how much is too much? Generally, increasing liability is a major factor in determining your premium, meeting with an agent and discussing your major assets is the bet way to get an analysis of what liability will be right for you.

Can I pay online?

Most insurance companies do allow customers to go online and pay by credit card or electronic check. You can also earn certain discounts with many companies by enrolling in automatic payments.

To see if your carrier allows online payments, check here.

When do I add my 16 year old driver?

Typically when a child receives their license is the day we will add them to a policy. This is not standard with every carrier though. Once a child has received their permit, contact us and we will guide you through the process of adding a new, young driver.

Will my rates go up with a violation or accident?

Not all carriers handle violations in the same way. Typically one minor violation will not result in a change, but at-fault accidents will mean some rate adjustment depending on several factors.

How much will a new car cost to insure?

If you are buying a new car, call us and will be happy to calculate the potential changes in premiums for your insurance with the addition of another vehicle.

When is my bill due?

Our staff is happy to answer any billing questions you might have. Call us today, and we will go over your billing schedule.

Can you lower my premium?

By confirming that you have your desired coverages and looking at other possible deductibles, there are ways we can lower premiums in some cases.

What will my deductible be?

Automobile deductibles range from none to $1,000.00. The lower your deductible, the higher your premium.