Farm & Agribusiness

Farm & Agribusiness

Affordable insurance for your farm or Ranch

From family farms, ranches, containment operations, hobby farms, to large commercial farming operations and more, we will customize programs to make sure your farm is fully protected.

Our Services

We serve the entire midwest region. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri & more.

Personal Farms & Ranches

When it comes to insurance for farms, this means that your Hummel risk advisor is going to provide you with a custom-tailored plan that's best for you, not our company. We're in the business of trust-building, not selling policies.

Agribusiness & Farm

Cultivate robust coverage for your agricultural endeavors with personalized farm insurance options. Safeguard your crops, livestock and farm infrastructure to ensure that your farm is thriving and profitable.

Pull Protect

Experience top-tier insurance for your truck and tractor pulling vehicles at a fraction of the cost. We provide comprehensive coverage at a fraction of the standard industry rates.


Our offices are in Ohio and Indiana but we serve dairy farms, ranches, grain farms, fruit & vegetable farms, livestock operations, pig farms, poultry farms, aquaculture operations, and many more ag-related clients across the entire Midwest US region: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & beyond.Although a bulk of our clients are in the states listed above, we also write policies in all 48 contiguous states. So no matter where you are, please reach out so we can help you!

Gain Fresh Ideas & Innovative Solutions

Gain Fresh Ideas & Innovative Solutions

You don't just need insurance. You need an expert partner who "gets it". Who listens, cares & provides fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the issues that keep you up at night. And that's what Hummel's farm insurance agents specialize in! 

Get answers to these questions and more like them - contact us today!

Frustrated by the complexity of your current policy?
Afraid you're over-paying for your commercial farm insurance?
Not sure if all your farming liabilities are covered?
Worried about the future of your farm in today's uncertain climate?
Hard to get straight answers & phone calls returned from your current insurance agent?
Not sure how to successfully transition your farm to the next generation?

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