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Our medical insurance specialists work with general & specialized physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, clinices & outpatient centers in our home state of Ohio, and beyond. We provide comprehensive insurance & risk management, along with employee benefits & financial services.  Beyond simply providing insurance, we are strategic advisors for our medical field clientele, helping them protect their employees, their property & their reputation as they grow their practice.  Give us a call or click the button below to see how we can help you.

Enjoy a Consultative Approach to Your Insurance Needs
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    Eric McDowell - Medical Malpractice Risk Advisor, Hummel Group

Hi, I'm Eric McDowell, an insurance agent who's been specializing in the medical malpractice niche for the past 20 years. 

I know what's important to you:

  • keeping your practice safe
  • protecting yourself from lawsuits
  • minimizing your insurance expenditures

Insurance is a complex and confusing world for my clients to navigate.  I take pride in providing a superior level of expertise that saves my clients' money, but just as importantly, being there for them whenever they have problems or complex insurance issues to work through. 

You'll find that I'm easy to get a hold of, return your calls promptly and will get to know you and your practice thoroughly.  When you work with me, you don't simply buy insurance from me - You gain a consultative partner who provides solutions to complex insurance needs, lowers your liability risk and increases the safety of your patients and employees.

Give me a call today and I'll be happy to discuss how we can better insure your medical practice while lowering your insurance premiums!


Our Approach to Medical Provider Insurance

As a physician, you take a consultative approach with all your patients.  You take the time to discuss every option available, weighing the benefits and risks of each.   At Hummel Group we take the same educational approach when exploring malpractice insurance options and making recommendations to you.  

We often hear phrases like, "my old agent never talked about that. I had no idea!" We pride ourselves on superier insurance expertise that benefits our clients.

We work with a variety of proven companies to provide the best options for you.  And when prices rise, we negotiate with the carrier on your behalf, getting lower pricing for you.

Additionally, if you happen to have a claim, there's no need call the carrier directly and play "touch-tone tag" on the phone. Call us and we'll handle it for you.

Malpractice insurance is just a small segment of services offered to physician clients, see below how else we can help you.

important questions to consider for your practice
  • Do you keep refrigerated meds in your office and is spoilage or power interruption a concern?
  • Do you have a standby agreement or perpetuation plan in place?
  • What would happen if you were suddenly unable to perform your duties?
  • Are you taking advantage of every discount and tax incentive available under your current health plan?

If you value a consultative approach to protecting your practice, let us guide you through these questions and more. 

Who Is The Hummel Group?
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Since its inception in 1957, Hummel has been building its business on its uncompromising values of integrity, trust & hard work.
When it comes to insurance for medical professionals, this means that your Hummel risk advisor is going to provide you with a custom-tailored plan that's best for your practice, not our company. We're in the business of trust-building, not selling policies.

Hummel Group is a Trusted Choice Independent Agency. 
To learn more about what this means for you, take a look at the Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance by clicking the Trusted Choice logo.

Claims Service You Can Count On.
If you need to submit a claim, you get one of our full-time claim specialists to advocate for you with the insurance company and support you through the entire process, step-by-step.


Discover how partnering with Eric & the Hummel team makes your medical practice safer, lowers your costs & keeps you protected!



What is the difference between Claims Made vs. Occurrence?

The Occurrence form is still the top of the line for any type of professional liability policy.  Not only does the Occurrence form avoid the tail issues associated with a Claims Made policy, it also provides liability limits that replicate each year.  While a Claims Made policy has one limit (usually a $1,000,000/$3,000,000) that insures forwards and backwards to the retroactive date;  the Occurrence form is similar to a homeowner’s policy in that each term has its own limit.  In other words, you buy it every year, you pay for that protection, and it’s always there for you.  Every Claims Made tail situation is different but the cost is always an inconvenience, to say the least.  When the Occurrence form fits, it definitely allows maximum flexibility.


What does a large group consist of?

A large group may be a clinic, large employer, or simply a group of individual physicians coming together under a corporate entity.  There truly is strength in numbers; and a large group of physicians with good loss history can realize discounts that are much higher than those available under an individual policy.  Hummel Group works with large group programs and can answer any questions you may have. 

Service Area
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Eric & the Hummel team can work with doctors, nurses & medical establishments all over the USA. We're based in northeast Ohio, but if you're not local to our area, don't let that stop you from reaching out. We have clients all over the US and there's no disruption to our service by working virtually with you.

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