10 Tips for Storing Your Vehicle Over the Winter

Vehicle Storage - Classic Car, Vintage Car

If you have car insurance in Ohio, you know that sometimes it is best to store your collector or valuable cars during the winter to avoid winter accidents, salty roads and unnerving winter driving conditions.  Check out our 10 tips for storing your vehicle over the winter:

  1. Call your auto insurance agent if you decide to remove collision and liability coverage.  If you make this decision, it is important to remember you cannot drive your vehicle since it does not have the proper coverage.
  2. Replace engine oil and oil filter - you may want to change your oil before storage so you are ready to drive in the spring.
  3. Gas - fill up your gas tank, add a fuel stabilizer and take one last drive to circulate the fluid
  4. Check your antifreeze levels.
  5. Tire - inflate tires to the maximum PSI at the storage facility to help prevent flat spots.
  6. Mice and Pest Prevention - Mice can make a home of your vehicle by crawling in nooks and crannies and chewing wires.  In the cabin and trunk, place fabric sheets, place moth balls around the outside and a ball of steel wool in the exhaust pipe to help prevent pests from getting in and settling in your car.
  7. Give your car a good wash and wax before storage and vacuum the inside.
  8. Place a breathable cover over your vehicle.
  9. You may wish to put windows down about an inch to allow air to circulate and avoid moisture from building inside the vehicle.
  10. Some take their battery out and connect to a maintainer/tender (place battery on a piece of wood if it is not a modern, plastic-encased battery) and others connect the tender to the battery while still attached to the car.

In spring, when you are ready to drive your car again, remove the car cover, check the tire pressure, connect your battery, remove the steel wool from your tailpipe and lastly, make sure to call your Ohio auto insurance agent again to add back collision and liability coverage so you have legal driving coverage.