Even Santa Should Consider Risk Management

Even Santa Should Consider Risk Management

Even Santa Should Consider Risk Management

Being Santa is risky business. From the long hours and excessive fatigue of the months leading to his one big night to the night itself which offers little in the way of rest or relaxation lest some unfortunate child be forgotten, Santa has a big job to do. One that carries more than its fair share of risks, including those listed below.

Transportation Challenges - Santa’s Sleigh

Approximately 75 million homes (200 million children) across the globe celebrate Christmas each year with a visit from Jolly Old St. Nick. That’s a lot of work for one man to do, even with a magical sleigh powered by eight flying reindeer. More importantly, it places a tremendous strain on the reindeer. The sleigh itself is ancient and probably in need of a few upgrades and repairs. Combine that with risks related to more people flying commercially than in Christmases past and there is more danger than ever for Santa to be flying the not-so-friendly skies.

Santa’s going to need more than an insurance upgrade to help him manage these risks. He may even require special classification for air traffic controllers to clear the airways on his behalf, too.

Slips, Trips, and Fall Risks

These are probably the greatest risks Santa faces on his yearly trek. From snow and ice on roofs, to chimneys that are less than inviting for a full figured Chris Kringle to navigate freely. Top that off with the heights of many home rooftops and these falls can be problematic. In addition to private health insurance Santa may also want to consider long and short-term disability insurance so he can continue paying the elves, North Pole Electric, and the resident cookie baker while he is recovering from his slip and fall injuries.

Hostile Animal Attacks

Not only does Santa depend on notably temperamental reindeer for transportation during his Christmas Eve deliveries, there are also risks of hostile animals in the millions of homes he visits every year as well. Family pets are often also family protectors and it’s not like a man in a red suit steps out of the fireplace every day.

Perhaps a few pockets full of animal treats will help to tame these creatures or Santa might consider wearing protective clothing to reduce his risks of animal attacks.

Other Health Risks

Santa doesn’t discriminate against country, location, or illness. Not only does he deliver to war torn regions where injuries are always possible. He also travels to regions of the world that may require specific vaccinations – for him and his reindeer.

The other risks come from those on the naughty list. Many aren’t happy with their status and want to seek retribution through the same types of naughty acts that landed them so squarely on the list offering coal instead of presents.

Health insurance is a good start as is life insurance, to ensure that Mrs. Claus, the elves, and reindeer are provided for and can carry on if something terrible happens to Dear Old Santa.

Not sure how to effectively manage your risks? Perhaps you, like Santa, could use a solid risk management evaluation. Contact Hummel Group today to get started on your risk management evaluation and learn how we can help you get real results from your risk management efforts.