HARVEST SEASON: Keep your family safe on the roads this season.

Farm and Traffic Safety

Did you know the majority of auto fatalities nationwide occur on rural roads?

Sadly, 61 percent of roadway fatalities in the U.S. occur on rural roads.

Whether you drive rural roads every day or plan to take a Sunday cruise to enjoy the season's changing colors, please drive safely and cautiously on our rural roads.  Fall in Indiana and Ohio also means harvest time for farmers, and as you know this also means an increase in farm equipment traffic on rural roads near your.  Follow these simple tips when driving on rural roads to arrive at your destination safely:

  • Reduce speed when you encounter farm equipment on rural roads
  • Brake for orange and red reflective triangles that warn of a slow-moving vehicle
  • Keep a safe distance behind farm equipment so the driver can see you
  • Yield to wide equipment on narrow roads
  • Be aware of road conditions: flooding, poor lighting or twists and turns
  • Obey traffic signs
  • Pass with caution
  • Be patient

Patience, caution and paying close attention to your surroundings will help ensure your safety, and the safety of all those who share the road.

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Article written by Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety