The Importance of a Proactive Approach & Annual Reviews - The Lakeside Story

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We take a proactive approach to both earning the trust of new clients, and consistently maintaining that trust for years to come.  There are many variables in our industry that could have an impact on our clients.  Insurance companies go through trends, profitability challenges, market changes, varying loss control measures, pivoting company objectives, changes in leadership, changes in tech, and more.  It is our job to make sure these factors are managed to the best of our ability.  We take on these challenges directly and utilize our resources to create the best solution possible for our customers.

Lakeside’s current insurance carrier recently made some changes to its policy structure, rating factors, and credit structure.  We approached our annual review with these items in mind. During our annual review, we discussed the impact of COVID-19, gathered updated information, aligned new coverage suggestions with operational adjustments, and the results were excellent.  Not only were we able to provide the updated protection they needed, but we were able to save our client thousands in premium dollars on their renewal because of our close examination during the review.  It provided clarity and comfort for the client and excitement for us. There are times when the best choices do not result in premium savings, but in the additional transfer of risk, which increases the premium.  Regardless of the action taken, we are thankful to know we have provided the desired result. Our greatest joy is providing risk solutions that lead to enhanced efficiency and protection for our clients!

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Contributed by Luke Gibson, Business Risk Advisor, Churches and Non-Profits