Personal Umbrella Policy: What is it and why should I have one?

Umbrella Insurance

Who needs a Personal Umbrella?

You do not need to be wealthy to be sued for millions.  Juries determine damages based on the severity of an accident, not your ability to pay those damages.  Do you own or drive a vehicle?  Do you own or rent a home?  Do you want to protect the assets and investments that you worked hard to accumulate?  If you said yes to any of those, you need an umbrella.  The truth is EVERYONE needs an umbrella.

What is a Personal Umbrella?

Your auto, homeowner, boat or recreational vehicle policies do have limits to the amount of coverage they provide.  An Umbrella policy protects you against claims that exceed the coverage limits of those policies.

Why is it important to have a Personal Umbrella?

Unfortunately, accidents happen.  Sometimes accidents can be severe.  In these instances, you are vulnerable to legal action.  Would your primary policies provide the coverage that you need?  If the settlement is more than what your primary policies can pay, it is your responsibility to pay the rest of the settlement.  You could be forced to sell your home, vehicles, liquidate personal investments or have your future wages garnished.  This could be devastating to you and your family.

How much does it cost to add millions of dollars of coverage?

A personal umbrella is actually one of the best values in insurance today.  You can obtain an additional $1 million in coverage for as low as $150 per year.  That's about $0.43 a day to protect you and your family!

You worked hard to build a comfortable lifestyle.  You need to protect it.  A Personal Umbrella can protect your lifestyle when unforeseen circumstances arise.  Don't put your financial future at risk.

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