Water Damage?

Water Damage blog photo

Do you have coverage?

With the large amount of rain we have received and are expected to receive, many people have discovered water in their basement and find themselves asking...do we have coverage?

Water or Sewer Backup Coverage:

Water or Sewer Backup Coverage provides coverage in the event that water backs-up through sewers, drains, pipes, or a sump pump.

This endorsement can be added to your policy and provides reimbursement to clean up and replace your damaged property up to the coverage limit purchased and minus the deductible.

Sewer backup is a nasty problem that has become more prevalent as our sewer lines can sometimes be over a century old.  Sewer backup doesn't just damage your flooring, walls and possessions.  It also damages wiring and electricity.  A homeowners policy without an endorsement typically doesn't cover sewer backup, so it's wise to purchase and endorsement, which can cost as little as $40 to $50 a year (depending on limit chosen and age of your home).

Flood Policy:

The Water or Sewer Backup Endorsement is NOT the same as a Flood Policy.  A Flood Policy is a separate policy that is run through the Federal Government and covers flooding that is caused by rain and ground water seeping into your home through the foundation.

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Source: Inside Insurance Newsletter from Ohio PIA, Fall 2013, Risks homeowners polices don't cover, page 2.