Why Is It Important to Get Dump Truck Insurance?

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The market for dump trucks globally is expected to reach $10.83 billion (U.S. dollars) by 2026. Dump trucks are more accepted today as the mining and construction industries continue to grow.

When you have a dump truck business, you need dump truck insurance. Primarily, you need it because policies for dump trucks are different than other policies. Typically, a general business policy will not provide what you need to be covered.

In this article, we will tell you what you need to know when it comes to insurance for dump trucks, including who needs it, what it covers, and approximately how much it may cost.

Do not let your valuable dump truck company incur damage without the proper coverage! Here are more details to keep you safe.

Dump Truck Insurance Is a Specialty Insurance

This kind of coverage falls under the category of commercial vehicle insurance.

Insurance for dump trucks covers company vehicles that transport dirt, gravel, sand, asphalt, rock, and other loose materials that companies use in construction, fracking, mining, quarries, road work, agriculture, etc.

Because of their massive size, dump trucks are classified as heavy-duty commercial vehicles. This introduces unique challenges for insuring a business and its dump trucks.

Large-sized dump trucks like Freightliner, Mack, Peterbilt, and Sterling have a gross vehicle weight of over 45,000 pounds. For a tractor that pulls a dump trailer, it can have a gross vehicle weight of over 80,000 pounds.

Typical Dump Truck Accidents

Unlike other commercial vehicles, they generally make dump trucks for construction sites and off-road. 

If an accident occurs, they are more likely to be involved in an overturn or backup accident. That is because drivers often use dump trucks in roadwork zones or construction sites.

For these reasons, dump trucks need a specialty policy built to cover the unique risks of a dump truck.

Who Needs Dump Truck Insurance?

The answer is broad. An independent owner-operator who possesses his or her own dump truck should have dump truck insurance. An independent contractor who operates someone else’s dump truck should have it too.

Plus, a dump truck company with a fleet of company vehicles should have very broad insurance coverages and a thorough review by an agent they trust.

Specialized insurance coverage for dump trucks is needed for any business that owns or operates a dump truck, whether for themselves or for hire.

What Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Usually, insurance policies for dump trucks have the following types of coverage in them.

Primary Liability

If you have an "at-fault" accident, this covers damage or injuries to other individuals or property.

Physical Damage

This coverage takes care of your trailer and truck in the event of an overturn, collision, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and other perils.

Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments

Regardless of fault in an accident, this coverage will pay for medical bills and other expenses for both the driver and passengers in the company vehicle who may have an injury because of an accident.


This is for lost income and you can add it to the physical damage policy. It is an additional layer of protection.

In case your vehicle is inoperable, with downtime coverage, you can keep payments on your truck and your other bills up to date for an extended time. Many carriers have a $100 per day downtime limit for up to 35 days.

Lease or Loan Gap

Sometimes when you finance equipment like a trailer or truck, it will depreciate faster than the value of the finance left to pay. This coverage takes care of the lease or loan gap. The last thing you want is an “upside down” lease or loan in case of a total vehicle loss.

Truck Rental Reimbursement

When you have a collision or comprehensive loss, you still need a dump truck to keep working. Adding truck rental reimbursement can help you when you add it to your physical damage policy.

With this, you can rent a replacement trailer and truck. For a large part of the cost of the rental, you will receive reimbursement.

Most States Require Dump Truck Insurance

Each state will vary, but many states require you to have a certain level of liability insurance for your dump truck company. A trucker will need to file a form E with the state of residence.

When you file a form E, it certifies that the liability insurance from the dump truck company complies with responsibility laws per the state requirement. Each state varies with its limit for liability requirements.

In the case you have a dump truck business that must cross state lines to operate, then your dump truck company must register with the FMCSA. You will also need an MC number or Motor Carrier Number in addition to your DOT number.

Plus, you must have your insurance company file your insurance with the FMCSA, referred to as a BMC-91X or federal liability filing.

Protect Your Customers

If your customers discover that you do not have dump truck insurance when operating your company, they will choose not to do business with you. In the same way that insurance for dump trucks protects the owner and operator, it also protects your customers too.

Should a prospect or customer find out you don’t have insurance, your business will lose creditability and it will damage your brand. You can incur negative reviews.

According to recent statistics, 95% of consumers say they read reviews before they buy something. In fact, Yelp contains more than 224 million cumulative reviews.

Further, Podium reveals that 58% of consumers admit they would pay more if it means supporting a business that has an excellent review.

How Much is a Dump Truck Insurance Typically?

Per each dump truck, it can cost roughly $500 to $1,000 per month. Premiums are based on several factors, like the ones we just mentioned. Some other factors include:

  • Number of trucks needing insurance
  • Types of trucks
  • Your location
  • Your hauling radius
  • What the dump truck is hauling
  • Where the dump truck is being driven (if you are crossing state lines)
  • The driving records and experience of the drivers
  • Sometimes credit history
  • Sometimes the length of time in business

A competitive rate can mean that the dump truck company has been in business for two years, has good safety scores, experienced drivers, and a good loss of history.

However, if you are new to the dump truck business, carry inexperienced drivers, or have losses, then you will likely have a higher rate. 

Ways to Save

All business savvy professionals look for ways to save money and reduce spending. Here are some ways to lower the rate of your dump truck insurance.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Businesses that are committed to safety want to avoid accidents generally. Safe business practices will help you get lower rates for insurance for dump trucks.

Insurance companies dislike risk, so if you can emphasize dump truck safety and keeping a clean loss history, you will reap the rewards of a lower rate.


Insurance companies will often offer an array of discounts. Ask them upfront what kind of discounts they offer. Every bit will help you save, so if you can find a good discount, take it. 

Raise Your Deductible

A deductible is a dollar amount you agree with the insurance company that you will pay should you have a claim. The dump truck insurance company will take care of the rest up to the limits that are outlined in the policy.

Low deductibles are fantastic, except they can cost more in premium. If you pick a higher deductible plan, you might lower your rate of insurance. Keep in mind that the deductible you choose should be the amount that you are financially comfortable with.

If you decide you are okay with a higher deductible, see if it will lower your premium. It is worth researching.

Pay in Full

Many insurance companies will reward you when you can pay in full versus having to make installment payments. This saves money on the premium overall. This is yet another item that is worth inquiring about to reduce the cost of your dump truck insurance.

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