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Water Damage?

Do you have coverage?

With the large amount of rain we have received and are expected to receive, many people have discovered water in their basement and find themselves asking...do we have coverage?

Water or Sewer Backup Coverage:

Water or Sewer Backup Coverage provides coverage in the event that water backs-up through sewers, drains, pipes, or a sump pump.

The Bottom Line on Homeowners Insurance and Rates

May 2015

Do you know why insurance premiums are rising?  Insurance companies use past events to predict future risk, and risk is shared.  What that means is whether disaster strikes in Ohio or another state, insurers use pooled premiums to pay claims that help customers recover.  In essence, the catastrophic damage caused by more frequent severe weather in recent years has caught up with us.

Westfield Insurance Announces Latest List of Top Performing Independent Agencies

Trilogy and Horizon Program Represent Westfield's Top Performing Agents

WESTFIELD CENTER, Ohio, May 11, 2015 - Westfield Insurance, a super-regional, customer-focused insurance carrier represented by approximately 1,000 independent agencies, announced its latest group of agencies qualifying for their Trilogy and Horizon programs.