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Benefits Buzz August 2017

Did You Know?

The Department of Labor (DOL) has officially dropped its support of the new overtime rule.  The rule, originally scheduled to take effect in December 2016, was halted by a federal court soon before its enactment.

Teen Driver Facts

Did you know 56% of teens talk on the phone while driving?  Or that one in five, sixteen year old drivers have an accident within their first year of driving? Check out our infographic to learn more!

Contact Hummel Group today for information or quotes to add a teen driver.

Coronavirus: Commercial Coverage FAQs

Hummel Group recognizes the unprecedented questions the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is raising for our clients, particularly questions related to business income and event cancellation losses and how policies will respond to these incidents. While one answer does not fit all circumstances, Hummel Group will take the appropriate steps to work with your insurance carriers to evaluate the coverage for a coronavirus-related claim under any insurance policy in a timely manner.

Insuring Your Valentine's Day Gifts and More

Valentine's Day is the one time of the year that you can go the extra mile for your significant other. If you are thinking about going above and beyond what is expected to buy your loved one the gift of a lifetime, make sure that you also purchase enough insurance coverage to protect you from financial loss. Protect your investment so that your loved one will always be able to cherish your gift.

Winter is Fun but Risky - Does Your Insurance Policy Have Your Back?

Do you get excited when the temperatures drop and the first big snowfall comes? Whether you spend your winter days sledding down hills in your neighborhood with your kids, hitting the slopes at your favorite resort or snowmobiling through open landscapes in the wild, winter fun comes with risk. You can’t cut back on the pleasure in order to protect yourself or those you love, but you can make sure your insurance policy has your back if something goes wrong.

Insurance Requirements for Home-Based Businesses

One of the smartest moves a business owner can make is obtaining insurance to protect his business assets. Even home-based businesses need the protection that insurance can provide. The type of coverage you choose will depend on the type of home business you run, its scale of operation and the risks you face for financial loss. Here’s what you should know about insuring a home enterprise.

How to Protect Your Home from Winter Risks

Protecting your home from winter risks starts with year-round maintenance. A home that is well cared for in all seasons is more likely to withstand extreme drops in temperature, strong winds and moist conditions. Your insurance company may also use the lack of maintenance and repair as a reason to deny your claim if your home is damaged in a winter storm, so start with a routine maintenance schedule that keeps your house strong in the face of winter weather.

Church Security

Sunday morning on 12/29/19 a church volunteer security guard saved the lives of over 200 attendees at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. The volunteer was an experienced firearms instructor, he was legally carrying a firearm and took down a gunman with a single shot.

Transportation Risk Specialists - What Are They?

You may notice that some insurance agents have the letters “TRS” next to their name. TRS stands from Transportation Risk Specialist. The designation indicates that agents have gone through specialized training, evaluation, and work experience to develop specific expertise when it comes to understanding and serving the needs of the trucking & transportation industry.