As the cost of employer-sponsored health plans continue to rise each year, employers continue to raise deductibles and employees have higher out of pocket. Employers can offer a package of voluntary products to their employees on a group basis to help offset these raised deductibles. Hummel Group advisors are here to help you discover solutions just like these to address insurance concerns for companies of any size.

Voluntary products help your employees pay for expenses not covered by their health plan, or they will put cash in their pockets to help pay towards their medical deductible. This is the perfect way to enhance benefits packages without adding additional costs to the employer.

Hummel will work with you to develop a plan that’s right for your business as well as offer a single point of contact for all voluntary products, meaning your employees can carry products from multiple providers but avoid the headache of calling dozens of numbers for issues or questions. We also provide training and education about how these products work and getting the most out of them.




We work hard to bring you new and special features like TelaDoc. This system, available as an app for your smart phone or tablets, allowing your employees to make a call and get in touch with a certified doctor and not take time off work  for the flu and colds.  It does not go against your individual health plan and your current doctor stays in the loop. Perfect for busy employees who are on the go and constantly traveling.  Hummel is committed to bringing innovative solutions just like these to you and your business.

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