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Branches Worldwide: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Impact Communities Globally

March 19, 2024

Branches Worldwide: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Impact Communities Globally

Transforming lives and communities, one partnership at a time

In a world filled with countless organizations and initiatives, one program stands out for its unique approach to mentorship and development. Branches Worldwide, founded in 2019 by Brian Miller of ProVia (Sugarcreek, Ohio), has quickly gained recognition for its unconventional leadership development method. In a world of fast fixes and five-step programs, Branches believes that true development comes from a long-term commitment to growth in a community. It does this by connecting successful entrepreneurs in developing countries with experienced mentors through a thirty-year period. Why does Branches do this? Simply because the world needs more leaders in small local communities working to create positive social and economic change through business.

Currently, Branches has made significant progress toward its ambitious thirty-year goal. With approximately fifteen individuals already committed to the program, it is on track to reach twenty members by the end of the year. In recent years, the program has experienced substantial growth, attracting more talented entrepreneurs and mentors.

Vaughn Troyer, Hummel Group’s president and a Branches worldwide ambassador, was able to meet one such entrepreneur—an aspiring business owner from Ethiopia named Amen. Faced with numerous challenges, including complex permitting processes and limited access to capital, he recognized the need for innovative solutions in his community. Having grown up witnessing the stark disparity between the privileged and the underprivileged, he developed a business model to address malnutrition among children. His idea involves producing a nutritious biscuit or bar that can be sold to schools, implementing a one-for-one model where every purchase leads to a donation.

At its core, Branches is a mentorship and development program that pairs aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries with seasoned mentors. The focus is on nurturing talent and providing resources to enable these entrepreneurs to thrive. Although many mentors are based in the United States, Branches actively seeks mentors from various locations, ensuring a diverse pool of expertise and perspectives.

The impact of Branches extends far beyond individual mentorship. The program encourages its participants to leverage their business ventures as a force for positive change, treating entrepreneurship as a mission field. By impacting their employees and communities, these entrepreneurs become influential leaders who create lasting social and economic transformations. With a growing network of mentors and mentees, the potential for impact only continues to expand.

“Amen’s story exemplifies the potential for transformation that lies within each Branches participant.”

Troyer continues, “The road ahead is not without its challenges, but the dedication and passion of each of the selected entrepreneurs create boundless opportunities. It’s these qualities that we look for when interviewing potential partners. In this case, Amen was disciplined, highly educated, articulate, and held the Christian values we were looking for. We were very impressed with him.”

With the support of a mentor and a nutritionist as his business partner, Amen has begun implementing his plan, with a focus on schools and nonprofits as his initial customer base.

Branches provides tangible support to its entrepreneurs through mentorship, monthly meetings, and the formation of cohorts for peer support. Mentors travel to the entrepreneurs’ countries at least once a year to build relationships and provide guidance. Additionally, Branches facilitates connections, resources, and opportunities for its members, ensuring they have the necessary support to overcome challenges and achieve success.

The birth of Branches can be traced back to Brian Miller, founder of Branches Worldwide, listening to a demographer forecast the state of other nations 30 years into the future. “That caught my attention,” states Miller. “And over the next couple of days, I began processing that, and I

heard God talk to me and tell me that he would like me to impact 30individuals in 30 different countries for 30 years.”

In John, Chapter 15, Jesus speaks to his disciples, likening himself to a vine and his disciples to branches. Just as the branches draw their life and sustenance from the vine, the vision for Branches Worldwide emerged—a program that would nurture Christian leaders worldwide, connecting them to a common source of life and purpose. Brian Miller envisioned a network of individuals who would draw their inspiration and strength from Christ, just as the branches derive their vitality from the vine. Branches Worldwide is how he would impact the lives of 30 individuals in 30 different countries for a span of 30 years.

Branches is not affiliated with any specific denomination or church, but it seeks individuals who are committed to their faith. This shared foundation serves as a unifying force, allowing members to connect on a deeper level and work towards a common purpose.

Branches Worldwide stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries. By pairing them with mentors and providing essential resources, the program empowers individuals to create sustainable businesses that positively impact their communities. With a vision for growth and a commitment to fostering global connections, Branches continues to make a profound difference in the lives of young entrepreneurs and the world they seek to change.

For those inspired by the mission of Branches, there are several ways to offer support. Financial contributions are always appreciated, as the program operates without any cost to its participants. These funds help cover expenses such as bringing entrepreneurs to the United States for annual meetings, broadening their perspectives, and facilitating cross-cultural exchange. Additionally, Branches is constantly seeking mentors who are willing to make a substantial commitment to guide and support aspiring entrepreneurs. Connecting Branches to potential individuals and resources in different countries is another valuable way to contribute to their mission.

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