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January 2, 2020

You may notice that some insurance agents have the letters “TRS” next to their name. TRS stands for Transportation Risk Specialist. The designation indicates that agents have gone through specialized training, evaluation, and work experience to develop specific expertise when it comes to understanding and serving the needs of the trucking & transportation industry.

When it comes to insurance agencies and agents, a Transportation Risk Specialist will utilize their trucking-specific risk management knowledge and skills to service the needs of motor carrier. The TRS designation gives you the peace of mind knowing that your Risk Advisor is committed to your industry, making them the better choice to help motor carriers identify, mitigate, and manage your risks.

How do Transportation Risk Specialists Obtain their Designations?

The TRS designation is earned by transportation risk specialist who do one of the following:

  • Attend a 16-hour in-person Basic Insurance for Motor Carriers event and pass the test.
  • Attend a 16-hour Advanced Underwriting course
  • Attend a 16-hour Advanced Coverages course

That’s not the end of the effort. Transportation Risk Specialists must continue their education in order to maintain the designation. This includes attending one of three in-person educational training programs every two years or attending three of the four online webinars within the two-year window. However, the latter option is only allowable one time every four years.

It is a great privilege to become TRS certified. It is earned only by those willing to devote themselves to the education and training required to make it happen. Hummel Group is proud to be affiliated with the program so we can offer you more advanced, educated, and informed services to meet your needs as a motor carrier.

Why Trust Hummel Group for Your Insurance and Risk Management Needs?

Risk management is an integral part of the insurance process. Identifying, understanding, and addressing the risks you face as a motor carrier can help keep your drivers safe, reduce risks to your cargo, and keep other drivers on the road safer. This is where we can help.

Our specialized training helps us to more effectively identify your risks and help you address and manage those risks. This means fewer accidents, reduced damage, and lower costs for you and your entire organization.

We have worked hard to obtain our designation as transportation risk specialists and can’t wait to share our insights and advice for you about how to reduce your risks so you can enjoy stronger profits, fewer losses, and greatly improved customer satisfaction from the businesses you serve.

We understand the challenge it can be for some businesses to identify many common risks for businesses today. We will work with you to help you understand the risks you face, large and small, so you can address them head-on without wasting time and resources or risking huge losses on completely preventable risks. Contact Hummel Group today to learn more.

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